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Youth Mentors

STM Mentors

Mentors are the heart and soul of the STM Middle School Youth Ministry experience. Without them, we would not be able to offer the type of program we do.

Mentors are High School students who are active in their faith and are striving to live Christian lives. Being further along in their faith than the Middle School students, mentors serve as Christian examples of how to live a virtuous life. They have a love for the youth that is shown through sharing their life with them in small groups, social activities, and retreats.

Mentors are given opportunities to volunteer in facilitating small group discussions, opening and closing prayers, performing skits, giving witness/catechetical talks to the large group, and practicing leadership during youth nights, events, retreats, and more!

Responsibilities include:

  • Commit for at least one season (Summer, Fall, or Spring) per year
  • Attend Monthly STM Youth Ministry Team Meetings (also known as Servant Leadership nights) on every 1st Thursday of the month during the school year.
  • Attend mandatory Mentors Retreat.
  • Attend ECHO/Crossfire every Wednesday  (Crossfire at 4:30-6:00pm, ECHO at 7:00-8:45pm).
  • Be involved in High School Youth Ministry in some way on a consistent basis (Breakaway, YDisciple, at least one High School Retreat per year, etc.) so as to continue the mentor’s own fellowship and faith formation.
  • Attend a Middle School Retreat
    • Summer – (1) Incoming 6th Grade Party, (2) Life With a Mission, (3) Guppy Fest
    • Fall – Fall Retreat
    • Spring (1) Mountain Madness, (2) Lenten Retreat

Mentors are entrusted to lead youth in their walk of faith by educating and demonstrating by their example of their own words and actions. This is a position that we take very seriously in order to ensure that our Middle School youth are led by disciples with active prayer lives and the conscious knowledge and practice of the Catholic Christian faith. Therefore, every mentor joins by filling out our Mentor Application packet which can be found in the STM Narthex.

For questions, email or call